Our river

14,00 € IVA Incluido



Educational and playful activity. Take a bike ride from Matadero Madrid (you can choose between end the route in another point in Madrid Rio, paying a supplement or in Matadero Madrid without extra price)

It is a self-guided activity, designed for families or groups with children or adolescents (over 7 years old), (minimum groups of 3 people where at least 1 must be a child, and where there must be a minimum of one responsible adult for every 6 children).

Participants are guided through a mobile app and/or printed material such as maps and puzzles, which are delivered on Mobeo. The tracks of the gymkhana take the participants through:
- History of the Manzanares River and its most important milestones: The role of the river in Madrid's history at different times
- Fauna and flora of the Manzanares River: identify your passage the birds, trees, flowers and fruits present in Madrid Río
- Fictional stories set in the Manzanares River: know wich well books, movies or series have used the Manzanares as part of their stories

Performing the entire activity takes 2 hours. The price per person is €14

If you are part of an organization that benefits minors at risk of exclusion, take advantage of this unique opportunity because if you plan the activity from Monday to Thursday, Mobeo will donate up to 60% of the experience. More than half of the minors will not pay anything. This donation is aimed at non-profit organizations that show credentials and experience in the segment of minors at risk of exclusion.